Hoover Floormate Reviews- The Best Hoover Floor Mate Spinscrub Cleaner

The Hoover Floormate is a hard area floor cleaner designed to vacuum, mop, as well as dry a flooring all in one machine. Appearing to be a blend of an upright vacuum cleaner, and also a rugs cleaner, the Hoover Floor Mate gives usefulness for challenging surface floor clean-up.

hoover floormate spinscrub

Hoover Floor Mate

Hoover Floor Mate Specifications

Cord Size = 27 inches

Variety of Storage tanks = 2

Capability = 1 oz.

Number of Brushes SpinScrub 500 = 6 twist brushes with completely removable squeegee. SpinScrub 800 = 7 twist brushes with removable squeegee.

Tools and Extras SpinScrub 800 has transportable kit with expansion stick, accessory hose pipe, grout brush, and cement software.

Option Flooring Friend Flooring to Flooring Hard Floor Cleaner and also Hoover Floor Mate Cement Cleanser

Washing Nozzle SpinScrub 500 = 13 inch andSpinScrub 800 = 15 inch.

Hoover Floor Mate as a Vacuum cleaner

As an alternative of a distinct vacuum cleaner, you could make use of the Hoover Floor Mate to vacuum your difficult surface floor coverings by switching over the dial to dry vac. The vacuum cleaner purpose on the Ground Friend is not at the same level as an upright vacuum cleaner. It has good suction, but the squeegee as well as household furniture guards make it challenging for the Flooring Mate to pick up substantial clutter. Although the Ground Friend has a reasonable adequate profile to suit under kitchen as well as washroom lockers, its edge washing while vacuuming is not that fabulous. With kids frequently spilling, monitoring, and also developing gunk, I identified it essential to stretch a floor to start with before applying the Ground Mate to vacuum up small heaps of filth. Pushing down on the Floor Mate might enable the nozzle to lift up a little, letting bigger pieces to be taken up.

Hoover Floor Mate as a mop

Where the Hoover Floor Mate really sparkles is in its cleansing capacities. In the wash approach, press the trigger to release washing answer while brushes spin at a transformation of 350 changes per moment. When tried on tile, hardwood, and also vinyl floor coverings the Hoover Floor Mate did a wonderful project of scouring away mud from the flooring. The verification was available in the sort of the filthy water collection tank. There was an excellent contentment in recognizing that the greasy water was being drawn up in to the container instead of being swirled around the ground with a conventional wipe. Some stuck on foods called for a lot more pass overs by the Hoover Floor Mate, but overall simply pressing the unit backwards and forwards throughout the ground while sometimes pushing the trigger, may wash your ground.

Hoover Floor Mate in Wet Pickup Mode

So after you wipe and also scrub a ground, you need to article shields to keep pets, youngsters, and better halves from destroying your hard work. The wet pickup mode on the Hoover Floormate eliminates the requirement to yell “The floor is wet.” Returning over the floor in this mode permits the flooring to dry a lot more swiftly. It truly does pull up excess water, which is particularly nice on our sealed hardwood grounds, where pools of water may spell threat to this outlay. I was amazed to see that by the time I was on the next fifty percent of the ground, the first 1/2 was already dry. The Wet Pickup Mode are able to also be used to pull up little spills.

Exactly what The Hoover FloorMate Needs to offer


The folding deal with makes the Hoover FloorMate remarkably compact for storage space. If fits in a storage room with a lot of area to dangle clothes, or pack racks earlier it. The compact information set fits compactly over the Hoover FloorMate and does an excellent project of holding any kind of as well as all add-ons for washing featuring containers of washing option. The storage tanks are simple to remove, pack, vacant, and also clean. The most helpful element of the Hoover FloorMate is that I have a super cleansed without getting on my hands as well as knees.


With the unit itself, there is a choice of 2 various sets of brushes that attach to the nozzle, one being an unique cement brush. With the compact detail package, there is an extendable handle, a suction hose, a grout cleansing brush, and also a grout detailing brush. This makes washing behind a throne, or in between cabinetry simple. Strive making use of the detail set on shower doors, on your tub, behind the potty, or in between the washing machine and clothing dryer. The Hoover FloorMate has the option of making use of Hoover’s Floor to Flooring Hard Flooring Cleansing Option or the Hoover Cement Cleanser for washing cement. With the substantial furniture shields, as well as rubber wheels you can easily use the Hoover FloorMate on a sizable variety of surfaces without damages.

Just what Is Being short of with the Hoover FloorMate?


The dry pickup is good on the FloorMate however not impressive. Lots of people could discover it required to sweep or clear away big particles prior to applying the dry pickup possibility.


The cleansed water tank for the Hoover FloorMate could hold more in my opinion. The filthy rehabilitation container has an automated shut-off component which, when activated, prevents the pickup of any kind of much more water. When it turns on, it’s time to turn of the machine as well as dump the dirty water.


Contrasted to exactly what we might be made use of to paying to wipe our grounds, the price of the Hoover FloorMate (SpinSrub 500 at around $ 169 and SpinScrub 800 at around $ 229) could be a huge piece of change. Clients with just little regions of challenging surface floorings could not feel the fee is warranted, yet for those individuals with comprehensive floor tile, marble, secured hardwood, laminate, vinyl as well as ceramics, the simplicity of utilization as well as results might make up for a large price.

Upkeep for the Hoover FloorMate

The Filter

The filter that sits in the top of the Hoover FloorMate dirty water healing container is washable. Touch the filter to remove clutter and/or rinse it. Allow it to dry adequately before switching out and also applying.

Nozzle, Brushes, as well as Platforms

The nozzle, brushes, devices, and hose are removable as well as may be cleaned in mild detergent. I located that anytime the hose was utilized, there was debris that had to be cleaned away from the place where the hose connected in to the system.

The Tanks

Both Hoover FloorMate containers may have to be rinsed out and cleaned, but especially the grubby water healing container must be rinsed and also cleansed. To eliminate smells and additional unpleasantness put in the time to wash out the container after applying, just as you would a wipe container or sink.

Hoover FloorMate Floor to Flooring Cleaning Answer

I appreciated the Hoover FloorMate Floor Cleaning Solution. It doesn’t take a great deal to offer cleansing power. The option has a fresh, moderate fragrance without being overpowering. It does not leave a film on floorings when they are dry avoiding the destination of filth and filth. The grout cleaner with the Hoover FloorMate did a great project of perking up grout between ceramic tiles and also rinsed out away well, although with a much more highly effective odor.

Get the Hoover FloorMate If …

A significant piece of your home is hard area grounds that could possibly benefit from the Hoover FloorMate.

Mopping or scouring grounds while arched over or on your hands and knees is difficult or unimaginable for your body.

You need a beneficial all in one tool to cleanse your tough area floorings.

You despise the idea of swishing grimy water around your floor while you are wiping and like the idea of Hoover FloorMate filthy water rehabilitation tank.

Here’s the link if you interested to view details specification of Hoover FloorMate 

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Save your back use the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner, H3044

Hoover FloorMate Reviews:

Its Christmas time again and everyone is busy preparing for the season. Besides shopping for gifts, clothes, toys etc most of you would be looking for the right vacuum cleaner to do all your cleaning jobs at home. You have adequate models and brands of cleaning gadgets to choose from which can really confuse you before selecting one. Here we have a solution to this confusion. Have you heard of the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, H3044? If the answer is yes, then you have a jewel in the crown, but if the answer is no, you should read on to know what you are missing.

Multipurpose cleaner

This elegant and versatile Hoover FloorMate does the work of a vacuum cleaner when you need it, a mop and even a wet pick up. It is a multipurpose gadget that cleans, vacuums, mops and even scrubs your hard floors. If you are struggling with your floor cleaning and mopping each time, having to go down on your knees, then this is a great relief to you. Let’s take a tour around and see what the Hoover FloorMate can do for your hardwood floors. The dual tank model separates the dirty water and the cleaning solution. The pick-up tank collects the dirty water safely avoiding unwanted spillage while mopping and drying.

Hoover as a vacuum cleaner

The Hoover FloorMate works like a vacuum cleaner automatically when it is switched to dry vac. Its suction is very good but however the furniture and the squeegee guards attached to it make it a bit difficult to remove bigger pieces of debris lying on the floor. Homes with toddlers and little kids may find it necessary to sweep the floor and remove large pieces of dirt, heavy spillage etc. before using the Hoover FloorMate dry vacuum scrub by pushing it down a little thus allowing the nozzle to be lifted up a bit to pick up bigger pieces of dirt. Hoover FloorMate Reviews reveal that this is a unique machine to use for cleaning purposes at the home or office.

Hoover as a mop

Using the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub allows it to be converted into an efficient mop with a simple press of the button. Immediately it is turned down to the wash mode releasing some cleaning solution and with its scrub brushes it begins to spin at a rate of 350 revolutions for a minute.  The collection of the dirty water in a separate collection tank makes this wonder machine exclusive. It sucks up the dirty water and does not allow the water to swirl around on the floor forming puddles of water here and there. Cleaning done in this process is total and very satisfactory. Many satisfied customers have testified this in their Hoover FloorMate Reviews online. Check this link to find a customer’s reviews on the product: Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, H3044.

Hoover as a wet pick up

Cleaning and mopping is a difficult job and home makers prefer to do it alone when there are no family members at home. This is mainly to keep foot prints off the floor when the work is complete. But this practice can be changed instantly with the Hoover FloorMate’s wet pick up mode. This sucking and drying mode of the gadget work thoroughly drying up the floor instantly. Pets and kids and also adult family members can move around as usual without having to be screamed at ‘don’t dirty the floor, its’ wet’. You can also feel relaxed that a perfect job has been completed with less tension. Reading the Hoover FloorMate Reviews online will give you more opinions on this.

Features and functions

It is a very versatile and unique gadget for every home featuring a foldable handle for each storage, the portable kit is big enough to hold all the accessories like cleaning solutions and bottles of the Hoover FloorMate hard floor cleaner together, a 15” detachable nozzle for versatility, interchangeable brushes of different sizes, removable tanks that can be emptied and cleaned after use and most of all, a satisfaction that the floor and the entire house are thoroughly cleaned. This is guaranteed with using the Hoover FloorMate hard floor cleaner.

The gadget weighs 25 pounds with a size of 30.8 x 17.5 x 12.5” and is advisable that it should be shipped separately and not along with other items to avoid breakage of accessories and plastic components of the gadget.

Further Information

If you are planning to buy the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub and would like to know more about its features and functions just log on Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, H3044 here and get the entire details of its functions, price, customers’ reviews, models, brands, sizes, colors etc. You have many choices of colors and brands to suit your budget and interest. But make sure you read the reviews of satisfied customers before deciding on what you want. Read reviews of very satisfied customers who have found much relief with this wonder machine.

Size matters, especially when you have a bigger place to clean and mop the SpinScrub 800 is necessary, or for domestic purpose the most ideal one is theHoover FloorMate SpinScrub 500 which is priced economically and affordable. However, if your floors are vinyl, tiles, ceramic, hardwood, marble or laminate it surely needs a gadget like this to do the tough job giving you the best result and less tension. Durability is guaranteed leaving you the benefit of relaxing over a good investment.


Most customers feel the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a wonder machine as it has a three in one functioning of cleaning, mopping and drying which is a rare phenomenon. Make sure you find genuine websites offering the best product reviews. To help you know the product better read the review made by a satisfied customer by opening this Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, H3044 link. You can also leave your views online so other customers would find it a useful guide when choosing their Hoover FloorMate vacuum cleaner. This product has received more than 160 reviews so far. Hence your review could make it better.

Read more reviews on Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner, H3044.

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Hoover FloorMate Reviews. Check This Out

Welcome to my Hoover Floormate reviews. I write this review based on my experience using this multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. So read more about Hoover FloorMate and have a nice day. enjoy :)

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